What’s Happening?

Fun Times at Lettuce Lake

As soon as the season kicks off we launch our event series in January. We host numerous events through out the season – whether you like a challenge or just a great time you are guaranteed to find your fun at Lettuce Lake!



12th: First Coffee
19th: Large Trash Pick up
28th: Thanksgiving Dinner
TBA Blood drive


3rd: Red Hat Meeting
7th: Pancake Breakfast
9th: Golf Scrambles
10th: First Dance
13th: Dance with Pauly & Lin
17th: Large Trash Pick up
19th: Manager’s Dinner
21st: Pancake Breakfast
24th: Christmas Eve Celebrations
25th: Christmas Dinner
31st: New Year’s Eve Dance


4th: Pancake Breakfast
7th: Red Hat Meeting
10th: Pot Luck
11th: Pancake Breakfast
13th: Golf Scrambles
14th: Large Trash Pick up
16th: Manager’s Dinner
17th: Stan’s Oldies
18th: Las Vegas Night
21st: Spaghetti Dinner
23rd: Dance with Pauly and Lin
25th: Flea Market
29th: Quilter’s Tea
30th: Dance


1st: Pancake Breakfast
3rd: Golf Scrambles
4th: Red Hat Meeting
4th: Steak Dinner
7th: Dance with Pauly & Lin
8th: Pancake Breakfast
11th: Mayor Nominations
13th: Pot Luck
14th: Valentine’s Dance
16th: Mayor’s Parade
18th: Mayor’s Election
18th: Large Trash Pick up
20th: Manager’s Dinner
21st: Mayor’s Inauguration with Stan’s Oldies
22nd: Pancake Breakfast
29th: Sports Day
TBA Blood Drive


2nd: Hacker’s Hoot
3rd: Red Hat Meeting
5th: Pot Luck
7th: Quilt Show
13th: St. Patrick’s Dance
14th: Pancake Breakfast
17th: Large Trash Pick up
17th: Corned Beef Dinner
18th: Bean Bag Finals
18th: Bocce Finals
19th: Shuffleboard Finals
19th: Manager’s Dinner
20th: Dance with Pauly and Lin
24th: Last Dance
27th: Stan’s Oldies
28th: Pancake Breakfast

Daily Events


8:30am: Exercise

9:30am: Yoga

10:30am: Canoeing

10:45am: Line Dancing

1:00pm: Quilting

7:00pm: Bridge

7:00pm: Texas Hold’ Em

7:30pm: Music at the River


9:00am: Coffee

10:00am: Men’s Golf

1:00pm: Women’s Golf

2:00pm: Mexican Train

7:00pm: Pool

7:00pm: Men’s Cards


8:30am: Easy Exercise

9:00am: Bean Bag

9:30am: Quilting

10:00am: Woodcarving (Lot 118)

10:00am: Music/Pool

1:00pm: Bocce Ball

7:00pm: Bingo


9:00am: Shuffle Board

1:00pm: Photo Group (every other week)

1:00pm: Rummikub

3:00pm: Horseshoes

7:00pm: Cribbage


8:30am: Exercise

9:30am: Yoga

10:45am: Line Dancing


9:00am: Tennis

10:00am: Wood Carving (lot 118) 

7:00pm: Euchre


10:00am: Biking

10:00am: Wood Carving (lot 118) 

7:00pm: Pokeno